Hey, I made a few bad icons …

I liked the pictures, I messed them up. whoops. sorry. feel free to use them anywhere, if you actually think they look ok. or just save them to your computer & edit my edits if you’re not fully satisfied. no need to credit me. :-)

The Saturdays performing ‘Disco Love’ at Stepping Out.

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"Okay, so today, I'm gonna try and set myself my own cheeky challenge. I thought it might be funny and entertaining, for me, if um, I try and wind the girls up. So I was gonna get a pack of Maltesers and try and sneak them in people's drinks or put them in the girls' handbags. I'm even going to try and get the crew. So I'm gonna try and get to the end of the day without anyone figuring it out. So wish me luck!"

Who would like some bad icons of Vanessa or Mollie?

I’ve been bored again and the icons that I made look shit I am sorry, but if you’d still like to use  them … feel free to do so. No need to like/reblog this post & you also do not have to credit me. :-)


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